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Seeing a need for more choices in the ear cones that were available, we proudly offer 10 distinctively different varieties. By design, Sacred Smoke cones present just the right balance of effective draw and gentleness.

Each cone is lovingly handmade from 100% unbleached cotton, pure beeswax and only the finest essential oils, essences and extracts. The length ~ approximately 13 inches ~ facilitates a more complete and relaxing cleansing experience.

OUR VARIETIES – $14.00/pair

This therapeutic mixture of herbs has a decongestant and antibiotic effect. Their soothing, balancing properties are known to cleanse and stimulate the respiratory and immune systems.
Ingredients: Swedish bitters, mullein flower, spearmint, rosemary, cedar, goldenseal, echinacea
The gentle herbs in Native Blend are traditional earache remedies. This blend is an anti-inflammatory, especially soothing for the ear canal, and an excellent choice for those with chronic or recurring earaches.
Ingredients: Mullein flower, St. John’s wort, chamomile
Osha root is an effective remedy against respiratory congestion. It helps move long-standing mucus deposits. A powerful dispeller of negativity, many Native American tribes burn it in smudging rituals to purify the environment
Ingredient: Osha Root.
Rose has the power to counteract depression and tension. As the traditional, universal symbol of love, it awakens the heart charka with an uplifting and exhilarating effect. Like love itself, rose offers protection against sadness and emotional shock.
Ingredient: Bulgarian Rose
This herbal combination is a powerhouse of energy-strengthening, uplifting and rejuvenation. It is excellent for balancing mood swings and for healing emotional wounds. Its use helps promote positive changes in mental clarity and energy, giving the courage to counteract worry.
Ingredients: Clary sage, cinnamon, rosemary
If you are going through a life change, this energizing combination is a wonderful companion, helping to gently uplift outlooks during difficult times. It is a gentle stimulant that carefully reconnects the spirit to its original zest for life.
Ingredients: Clary sage, geranium, rosemary, carrot, sweet orange
Helpful for headaches and depression, lavender cleanses meridians and stimulates visionary states. Its cleansing effect is said to remove blockages that prevent spiritual progress, activating crown charka awareness and alertness.
Ingredient: Lavender
Sage is a very effective purifier and cleanser, also going a long way to ease everyday aches and pains. If you have been experiencing stress, be warned, this sage has been known to release therapeutic laughter, long held in by tension.
Ingredient: Sage
These herbal ingredients are known for their ability to kill parasites of all kinds. Especially effective during full moon when “tenants” are most active.
Ingredients: Mugwort, wormwood and black walnut
Warms and activates the qi in the body. It opens up a vortex of change so that healing can take place. In acupuncture, moxa is used for conditions of yeast and sinusitis caused by dairy allergies. Restores weakened yang energy and expels cold and damp.
Ingredient: Moxa


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